The historical root of TCC goes back many years with its current identity dating back to the late 1970’s.  The early and visionary leadership of First Presbyterian carefully designated the proper space and access, committed to maintain the legal and ethical requirements and established an endowment to sustain the future of the Center.  Today, the ongoing operation of TCC is supported by its fee revenue, FPCE, and independent contributions.

The first director was the Rev. Dr. David Hogue, who was followed by the Rev. Dr. Christopher Miller.  Along with their staff, both served with dignity and dedication throughout those many years. With that great legacy established, the scope of leadership and the range of services of the Center have been expanded.  Currently, TCC is led by The Rev. Charles S. Miyamoto, Director, Dr. Gregory N. Lewis, Clinical Director, and Julie Ruchniewicz, Parish Nurse.   

Through our staff, TCC offers a unique blend of therapeutic care from a variety of disciplines – clinical, medical, and theological.  This uniqueness and variety enables the Center to respond to God’s holistic design of people – body, mind, spirit.