Visit the individual Staff Bio’s for TCC’s Director, Clinical Director, and Parish Nurse.

With years of experience and expertise in the clinical-therapeutic, nursing, and local parish settings, TCC staff is a unique blend of disciplines. Along with their commitment to mutual encouragement and respect for each other only, their knowledge and skills add to the compassionate care they give.

TCC provides traditional counseling and parish nurse care. The Center plans to provide specialized care for children to senior citizens – such as play therapy and alternative therapy. And each year, the Center will invite interns in training to receive the needed supervision for their educational and experiential journeys. Most importantly, TCC staff seeks to earn the trust of colleagues in our field of counseling and therapy, of the religious community, and of the people in Evanston and throughout Chicago-land.

TCC is credentialed with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, will process other insurance claims, and accept direct payments.