The Journey of Wholeness... is living at the intersection of wellness and wounded-ness.

Since its founding, TCC has responded to the mental health needs of its congregation and surrounding neighborhoods throughout Chicago-land.  The Center is a ministry of First Presbyterian Evanston - a faith based counseling center who welcomes all. 

The Center’s staff blends the clinical, nursing, and parish disciplines into professional services and personal care.  This blend of disciplines helps our commitment to help travellers on the journey of wholeness – body, mind, and spirit.

Life can be filled with unknowns.  Sometimes, those unknowns can make life overly complex and challenging. And while every situation does not call for psychotherapy, therapy can bring healing and health when the need arises.  TCC provides services that are professional and ethical and for those who desire so, we integrate psychotherapy and spirituality.  We are committed to offer hope, healing, and restoration through services that address the wide spectrum of what the unknowns can bring.

At the same time, TCC acknowledges that there are other committed counseling centers, skilled therapists, and compassionate counselors.  TCC is one of many with the mission and passion to help people navigate in and through those complex challenges.  We also acknowledge how the therapist-client relationship is built on trust and confidentiality, which makes finding a therapist more than a casual phone call or an electronic internet inquiry.   With you, we will explore to see if we are a match.  If not, we will help you find the help you need. Since re-opening the Center, we have referred people to other centers, therapists, and agencies.  We are confident in our competent staff and confident in our colleagues in the mental health profession.

TCC is open.  Our facilities have been revamped.  Our staff is in place.  We are ready for you to contact us or encourage someone you know to explore how we can help.