Adulthood begins after adolescence and reaches into the golden years.The span includes joys and blessings as well as challenges.   TCC is fully aware of the challenges that may come no matter our age – life is full of the beauty and complexities that come with being an adult.  With that awareness, TCC is committed to serve adults of all ages, wherever you are in life.  The spectrum of challenges is wide, and may include:

  • Anxiety, depression, doubt
  • Loss, grief
  • Parenting skills, blending families
  • Separation, divorce, remarriage
  • Mid-life changes, career transitions
  • Marriage enrichment, premarital counseling
  • Loving relationships, conflict resolution
  • Vibrant spirituality, faith issues
  • Advocacy

 Together, the TCC staff has acquired experience which has prepared them for empathic, compassionate work with individuals, couples, families, and small groups.    Our therapists are trained, credentialed, and licensed in psychotherapy to extend care in short or long term therapy by solution-focused, insight-oriented, or other meaningful directives.  Our Parish Nurse brings several years of experience in health care.  Also, our therapists are theologically informed and skilled in matters of faith, and are personally aware of the beauty and challenges of spirituality.  At TCC, the disciplines of psychology and theology are integrated to help meet emotional and spiritual needs. If faith and spirituality are vital parts of your life, we will honor and respect your beliefs and personal convictions.  We will help you to integrate your faith in the process of therapy. 

 At TCC, we believe in the importance of attending to everyone as a complete and whole being, made up of body, mind, and spirit.   Because of the connectivity of who we are and using the metaphor of a journey, we at TCC are called and committed to help you on your Journey of Wholeness.