The idyllic picture of childhood is painted with innocence, laughter, and imagination.  Idyllic is often the case for most.  Yet some children can need therapy.  The challenge is to assess what the needs are and what kind of care should be provided.  Often the devoted parent, guardian, relative, or teacher identifies some behavior or emotional response as cause for concern.  TCC listens to those concerns, analyzes and evaluates the child and then offers the provision and appropriate to address the challenges. 

Some of the concerns may include:

  • Problematic behavior at home or at school
  • Defying authority, resistant and high aggression
  • Chronic illness, serious injury
  • Anxiety and fears of separation from loss or traumatic incident
  • Low self-esteem, sadness and depression
  • Issues connected to diagnosis of ADD or ADHD
  • Social isolation, being bullied

 The therapeutic approach for children is usually a combination of settings.  There will be sessions with one or both parents/guardians and the child. The child will receive individual therapy with the parents/guardians close by.  Some sessions will involve the entire family.  The goal is safety and security for the child, to provide a context for therapy appropriate and applicable to the child.  In the near future, TCC will offer a trained specialist in play therapy (therapy designed for children and shown to have a high level of success).