Family Therapy

The makeup of families includes the traditional, blended, and integrated structures.  The spectrum of these structures ranges from two parent families, single parent families, families separated by divorce (with or without remarriage), and life partner families.  Sometimes children are cared for by guardians, grandparents, or other relatives.  Families through adoption or foster care are also included on that spectrum. 

Often conflicts, unhealthy patterns, or disruptions to the homeostasis are rooted in the very structure and system of the family.  Family therapy examines the current situation and the relationships between family members.  TCC will examine how each one in the family is dealing with disruptions and how the family as a whole is managing the conflicts, patterns, and struggles.

The therapy will include exploring the family history, sibling position ranks, unspoken languages, expectations, and more.  The process may include every member.  There may be individual sessions, children only and parent only sessions, or may involve a combination of session participants.  TCC’s therapists have studied various therapeutic approaches to help families through concerns and conflicts.