Premarital Counseling

TCC believes premarital counseling is worth the investment a couple will give in preparation for marriage.   Our therapists are skilled in counseling couples in that vital time before the union.  Besides other approaches, the Rev. Charles Miyamoto uses Prepare & Enrich – a six to eight session program that is proven and nationally recognized.  This program includes an inventory, a detailed report with computerized charts that describe your relationship history, family map, expectations of marriage and family, and visuals ranking a couple in areas such as conflict resolution, communication, children/parenting, sexual expectations, financial management, religious values, and other vital areas.


The cost is $500 for the entire six or eight weeks with an additional $35 for the program’s computerized inventory that can be taken online.  If cost is a concern, adjustments can be made.  Charles is a credentialed facilitator with Prepare & Enrich (