Marital Counseling

Marriage can be full of joy, love, and fulfillment.  The reality is that it takes commitment, hard work, and dedication.  Marriage needs to resiliently face a multitude of challenges.  Yet even with hard work and resiliency, marriage can suffer, be disrupted, or derail off its tracks.  Research has detailed that 50% of marriages and 75% of remarriages end in separation or divorce. 

TCC is committed to help marriages through all levels of challenges.  Our counselors have the training, experience, and adroitness to respond to those challenges. 

Sometimes marriages need enrichment.    Enrichment is not only a great approach for prevention, it can be energizing and inspiring.  Our counselors have the training and skill to explore ways to build the relationship, develop deeper satisfaction, and address issues impacting the relationship. 

In addition to the traditional sessions, TCC offers the Prepare & Enrich program.  Like the description under Premarital Counseling, the enrichment program includes six to eight sessions, including an inventory, a detailed report with computerized charts that describe your relationship history, family map, expectations of marriage and family.  It also provides visuals ranking you in key areas of your relationship such as conflict resolution, communication, parenting, sexual expectations, financial management, religious values, and other vital areas.

The cost is $500 for the entire six or eight weeks with an additional $35 for the computerized inventory that can be taken online.  If cost is a concern, adjustments can be made.  The Rev. Charles Miyamoto is a credentialed facilitator with Prepare & Enrich (